Summer heat waves and ridiculously high utility bills are a killer. This mini A/C unit can help...

Take a look at this amazing 3-In-1 device that functions as an air conditioner, purifier, and humidifier. It can go in any room of your home, blasting cold air and keeping your family (or co-workers) nice and cool.

Why Do I Need A QuietCooler?

Heat waves are unbearable. You know the frustration of sweat-inducing heat during the hot seasons. Wave the uncomfortable sweat, heat-induced drowsiness, and frustration goodbye. This powerful but small device can plug into a wall socket or a USB port and instantly start cooling your home. It can cool hard to reach places and even has a built-in ambient light for when you are walking around at night.

People are loving the simplicity and total convenient of the QuietCooler. Fill it up the tiny water tank and it lasts for a whopping eight-hours, generating clean cool air. Use it on your desk to stay cool. Use it outside for a little summer breeze. This convenient little device has all kinds of utility.

The Benefits of a QuietCooler

Compact, Small, and Easy To Move

You can take the cooler just about anywhere.

Silent Cooling

The device generates almost no ambient noise.

Energy Efficient

Plug it into any USB port and watch your utilities drop.

Easy To Use

Using the QuietCooler is as simple as filling it up with water.

Get Ready For A Comfortable Summer

Why even bother with central air conditioning? Central air is expensive, loud, and unnecessary for cooling a couple of rooms. The QuietCooler is super affordable and specialized just for your situation.

Don't forget to get the multiple order discount that QuietCooler has on offer. Get one for your friends and family that have been dying of heat all summer. Act quickly to take advantage of the deals! They won't last forever.

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